Tantrums and the great double pushchair debate

While pregnant with Bean I spent a lot of time thinking about whether to invest in a double pushchair. E can be a rather ‘spirited’ *ahem* two-year old so I thought I needed to seriously consider how to contain him. I ummed. I ahhed. Before finally deciding not to part with huge amounts of money for a double. I reasoned that E is old enough to walk most places and that if he gets tired I can always push him in his buggy and wear Bean in the wrap.


Oh how I laugh in the face of my naïvety!

Today totally changed my mind about the double pushchair.

Today I learnt the following things, and all before 10.30am…

As I pleaded with E to hold my hand on the way to playgroup I learnt he looks quite menacing as he grins, waves at me ever so slowly and backs into the park at the bottom of our street before sprinting into a puddle.

I learnt that my voice gets quite high pitched and desperate sounding when I try to be calm and firm as E uses all his might to lift our street sign out of the ground and take it to playgroup.

I learnt that despite the fact that E has (on multiple occasions) walked to playgroup and back like an angel, it means nothing because it occurred pre-Bean. Since Bean all behaviour has been rewritten.

I learnt that I am *that* mother; using chocolate and E numbers as a bargaining chip.

I learnt that my desperate pleas for E to behave result only in me wanting to poke myself in the eye. Take a look, I sound incredibly annoying:

Walk sensibly with mummy

Hold my hand

Stop throwing yourself on the floor

Remember we’re going to playgroup – we can play and have a snack and do singing!

No, rolling on the ground isn’t funny

Roads aren’t for running in

Stay away from the cars

The slide is wet

The roundabout is wet

The steps are wet

You’re going to get wet


That road sign is stuck

It’s not very nice to roar at the cars as they drive past

No, the baby isn’t bad

Stop running towards the road

I’m getting angry now

No, it’s not funny

Mummy’s not laughing

I am SO angry

Look, this is mummy’s angry face

It’s NOT bloody funny

*Oh dear god, someone shoot me*




And that tirade of moaning obviously worked (not) because once I’d given up on playgroup and half nagged, half dragged E home he catapulted himself across the doormat and lay there so I couldn’t get the pushchair in, before launching into a huge, snotty meltdown.

I learnt that realising E had done a poo and had needed to go home for a change all along is, quite frankly, shit consolation for my plans being ruined.

I learnt I need to be a lot more flexible with my plans.

I learnt that the relief I feel on hearing J yell “I’ve chucked the bags on the floor, I’m going to have get E, he’s just pegged it down the road” doesn’t make me a bad person (he’s not just a little turd for me, yippee!).

I learnt that sometimes, on days like today for instance, E pushes boundaries like a pro and he just can’t be trusted to get from A to B on foot.


Now to choose which of the huge contraptions to go for and find a bargain.

Any suggestions on pushchairs or how to deal with tantrums would be most welcome!

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6 Responses to Tantrums and the great double pushchair debate

  1. Oh dear. These scenarios are the EXACT reason that I decided a double buggy had to be in my future. Keeping a wilful toddler contained when you have a baby to look after too makes it totally worth every penny.
    I love side-by-side buggies. I know they’re not for everyone but I like that both my children get a nice view of the world. We have the Baby Jogger City Mini Double and the Britax B-Agile Double (yes, we have two, don’t ask!) they are both similar and both brilliant. They are easy to ‘drive’ and fold up small, as well as fitting through a standard door. One is going on eBay soon, so yell if you’re interested. X

    • Ooh, that’s given me food for thought, thank you! My OH likes the phil & teds but I’m not sure I’m keen on the idea of one child having an obscured view. Like you I’m leaning towards a side by side because the children get to see everything but I’m worried that they look wider and less practical than the P&T. Such a minefield!
      Yes please, do let me know if you list on eBay! Xx

  2. Haha! I had decided the same thing about saving money and making do with a single pushchair and a sling, maybe I will have a re-think! I have no idea what one to go for either, I expect I will just get a side by side fairly cheap stroller one as I really can’t be doing with spending a fortune on one xx

  3. Love this! Thought I’d already commented but must be going bonkers! I’m looking at double pushchairs too….what a minefield! I’m thinking along the lines of Baby Jogger City Select, Babystyle Oyster Max, Phil & Teds Verve or iCandy Peach Blossom……none of them tick all the boxes though. Someone make the perfect pram please! x

    • Ooh, I’m going to google all those now! I know, it’s a complete minefield. I’m torn between a cheaper side by side in the hope that we won’t need it for too long (also I like the idea that both children can see the world) and a more expensive one in front of the other style as they look more practical and the resale prices are usually quite good. I just don’t know!! Xx

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